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HBIS Chairman Met WSA Director General Edwin Basson

June 13, HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong met World Steel Association Director General Edwin Basson in HBIS headquarter and discussed the operations of WSA. World Auto SteelDirectorCees ten Broek visited HBIS together.

Yu Yong welcomed Mr.Basson and his delegation and thanked his support to HBIS and himself and the new WSA Board. He said that WSA was an open international organization and Mr.Basson had his own understanding. Under the leadership of Mr.Basson, WAS was getting matured and assisting its member companies enter the world. WSA offers a high quality platform for communication and receives high remarks from the industry.

To his new job as WSA Chairman, Yu Yong said the association will look at future and strengthen its efforts in environmental protection and futuristic manufacturing projects.WSA will assist advanced steel making technologies, green technologies, new energy and new business models and their applications in China and the world so that the public could have a positive understanding to steel industry. He would dedicated to WSA and world steel industry. 

Basson praised Yu Yong for his great support to WSA and his contributions improving the communication between China Iron & Steel Association, WSA and Steel enterprises. He said that WSA was involving deeper in the Chinese steel industry and its Chinese member company output accounted more than 1 in fourth of Chinese total steel output. More steel mills are joining in. WSA will strengthen its connection with Chinese Iron & Steel Association and Chinese Steel enterprises and provide even better services for them entering the world market.

In the meeting, the parties also discussed world auto steel and its future development. 


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