Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

HBIS Supply Chain Financing Platform Strengthening

One of HBIS upper stream supplier is applying a partial 3.6million Yuan Factoring service to its HBIS Steel Credit. Compare to a full credit financing, this deal could save the interests of the remaining part of the credit. HBIS Steel Credit is becoming a key financing service to mid/small upper stream suppliers of HBIS. HBIS Finance is building a HBIS Supply Chain Financing Platform and the country’s first online financing service of the industry. HBIS credit gets its value and its small suppliers gets easier and cheaper debit. The service is welcomed by suppliers and finance institutions. 

With cloud calculations and big data, HBIS Finance Supply Chain management platform could represent the true credits of the purchasing & selling. HBIS Steel Credit is embedded in the management platfrom and extending good HBIS credits to its upper stream suppliers ad allowing HBIS to obtain low cost debit from financing institutions. HBIS Steel Credit has its trade background and has characters of easy access, efficient, split and tradable,low cost and confirmed payment. 

HBIS Finance and been working closely with China Everbright Bank, China Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, ICBC, China Minsheng Bank in Dedicated Supply Chain Credit, System Communication, Online Financing and Fund Transfer. HBIS Partners are providing precision financing services to smaller suppliers along the supply chain and exploring new Inclusive financing to attract fund to the physical industry.

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