Group News-HBIS Group-Being The Most Competitive Steel Enterprise

China Iron & Steel Association Sending Congratulation Letter to Mr.Yu Yong For Being Chairman of World Steel Association

October 16, China Iron  Steel Association(CISA)sent a congratulation letter to HBIS CCP & Group Chairman Yu Yong for being the Chairman of World Steel Association(WSA). On October 15, Yu Yong became the 41st WSA Chairman in the WSA 2019 General Assembly in Monterrey, Mexico. 

In the letter, CISA said Chinese steel industry was getting more important in the world market, together with the rise of Chinese economy. You, the leader of a Chinese and World class steel enterprise, are now the Chairman of WSA, leading the cooridated and healthy development of world steel industry. CISA wishes you a great success in your new job and fulfill all the duties and projects.

The letter says that CISA and other Chinese steel enterprises have been working very well with WSA. CISA wishes that led by Mr.Yu Yong, all coopeartion could be strengthened and the reform and upgrade and the high quality development of Chinsese steel industry could inject new energy to the growth of world steel industry.

WSA was founded in 1967 and its headquarter was in Brussles, Belgium.It is now the world’s largest and one of the most active industrial associations, with its member companies in all major steel producing countries, covering all major steel manufacturers, state and regional steel associations and steel R&D institutions. The crude steel production of its member companies accounts 85% of the world’s total crude steel output.

In 2014, HBIS became a member company and owned a position in the board. In October 10, 2018, Yu Yong was elected the new (2018-2021) worldsteel Chairman in the 2018 Worldsteel Assembly held in Tokyo, Japan.



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